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Energy Update: The Galactic Federation Of Light

Energy Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light

The new earth is near now. It's already here. Blue mountains, healthy lakes, untouched nature. It's already here. The kingdom of heaven already exists on earth. You need to change to new glasses, look at the earth with new eyes - With the eyes of love. Turn 180 degrees and look again at all the beauty that is here on earth and in humans. The new earth is here now. It has come to stay.

It has come down because so many lightworkers have worked hard to spread light and love over the earth. They have created a new grid where only love and light can flow. The old has burned up and the new one are about to be created.

The light has supplanted the darkness of the earth. The people who do not tolerate the light, who want to live in the dark, go through a difficult time.

But remember, before we came down to earth, we all chose what we wanted to work on during this incarnation. We