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Energy Update- 3/2/22

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 – 8:02 p.m.

There are many things going on in the world. Not everything is as it appears at first glance. You are being brought into a New Reality. You have begun a most auspicious journey, one filled with Love and Light. We have begun to upgrade your reality as the wreckage of the past is being cleared.

You have a very simple mission while you are here. You are to beam love and light across this great globe as the mother clears the way for this New Reality to emerge. You have reached the end of the old world and are now free to create on a whole new playing field as we invite you into our dimension.

You have worked tirelessly the past couple of years and now your efforts are bearing fruit. Now is the time to give the boulder one final collective push as it rolls downhill. These events that are occurring before your New Eyes are a wonder to behold.

The world is waking up and you have helped to make this happen. The joy and love and light you have brought has helped the deep sleepers to begin waking from their slumber. You have reason to celebrate. You finally see a physical demonstration of the dismantling of the death machine.

You who have brought much light onto the planet have pushed this reality together. Have you witnessed the timelines converging? You have come here as architects for the New World that is emerging. Mother earth has finally given birth to this New Consciousness.

Thank you for answering the call to love, as if you ever had a choice. Love’s call cannot be ignored once heard. You have begun to walk each other home with Love and Gratitude in your hearts. You have begun “thinking” with the heart and it has led you to this moment, the eternal now.

Celebrate as your brothers and sisters begin to awaken. Treat them kindly and gently as they come to you looking for answers. You have been shown the truth with loving guidance and the same is expected from you.

As your family wakes you will realize that you have begun a New Journey together to rebuild this world the way it was meant to be. Mother earth will heal quickly as more and more merge together with one common purpose, love for all.

You have seen the worst of it and are ready to move on. Focus not on the atrocities of the world. Focus on what you would like to see come about into your reality. Indeed, it is already emerging. Stay in the center of the storm as the reality that you have known transforms itself into something Beautiful and New.

The construction process is nearly over and soon you will find that a New Road has opened up for you. You will be travelling into the galactic center and will be welcomed home once again. You may begin this very evening to dwell in the eternal now.

The Light has Won and all around the angels rejoice. Mother God is about to do a major house cleaning so your house will be in order. Free will cannot be thwarted and when enough humans long to be free the world will truly be free at last.

Begin tonight to go deep within and find the Christ center of your being. Every answer to any question you have ever had about anything resides within. No longer will you go without. Feel the peaceful center that is your true place of dwelling.

You are an incredible Light Being capable of so much more than you’ve ever been told. Begin to bring your creativity to the surface and paint the reality you wish to see. Use your talents now and watch the darkness fade away. You have been given the keys to the kingdom. Where will you go now?


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