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Energy Ascension update: Massive shift / Releasing our human self

By: David Alexander Lightfoot

Energy / Ascension update: Massive shift / Releasing our human self / Purging much ego / massive clearing for the Twin Flame collective / Solstice 2022 and....we hit our number.

First of all I like to thank my loving light, love and soul family for the amazing support I received this weekend. I was overwhelmed by deep emotions and thoughts purging, like heartbreak, negative projections and attack energies I was about to leave. I did not, I am still here I am so grateful for all of you who helped me 😘🙏❤️😇

I know many of of you are / were experiencing deep emotional release of old and ego control.

To be vulnerable, means being real and authentic, nothing to be ashamed for. To share your feelings, traumas and thoughts always helps with the healing process an helps others also.

It is safe to be loving, caring sharing, it is safe to love again, to speak our truth. This is our true divine unity power and new direction for the collective.

It’s not easy maneuvering the energies at the moment. Real deep shifts due to 666 portal and solar flares has really turned our world upside down.

We all seem to have much difficulty letting go of our Human 3D life not realising we already are in our 5D activated divine blueprint and higher dimensional new life.

Change happens from within, not from the outside so we are really being tested in our faith by no longer listening to our ego's and surrendering to our hearts, our higher true self not our Human self.

This can be specially hard to deal with when we resist and hold on to control and when it involves more than one person. Sometimes people choose the easy route and decide to stay back rather than the journey of growth and awakening into a higher consciousness.

Along with higher consciousness means higher and greater responsibilities.

Twin Flames insight:

This weekend the Twin Flames collective had much purging to do for the world and their counterparts like releasing / clearing old programming, old hurt and fear. We bless them and pray for them. And love them deeper. Feel compassion and forgiveness and send more love.

The Divine has this very important task for physical twinflame reunions and we came here for this…

Not everyone is on a path of Twin Flame reunion and some only talk bad about it. Yes It is not for the faint of heart and there is a reason for this.

The main reason all these twists and turns they experience is caused by other energies trying to destroy the reunion plans.

It was never meant to be so hard.

The twin flame reunions are still being sabotaged by negative forces that try anything to stop twin flames getting together as when together they light up the world and entire universe.

These negative forces use tags, artificial Intelligence, implants, attachments and put thoughts into our minds that are not true. They play us out with old drama/jealousy patterns and use our emotions and feelings of past hurt against us to cause doubt and breakup.

We also need to be aware not to hold on the twinflame concept to much as it is also much about discovering divine unity on your own. A twinflame will not complete you, you already are. They are a mirror to show us what parts of us need to be healed also.

It is a soul calling and some make it, some choose not to believe or have lost their twin. Many have been so close so many times …

You always must be honest and tell your Twinflame they do clearing work and connect via the heart only, not from mind / ego.

Believe me I know about all aspects and speak from personal experience as I have met the false twins also and my real one too.

I do also believe being in our new higher dimensional lives new higher dimensional love relationships are not limited to twinflames.

I have hope with all the ego and fear purging we did this weekend the road forward for many Twin Flames is cleared now however being alert for possible interference is still needed.

SOLSTICE 2022 and....we hit our number.

The Archangels KNOW and have acknowledged that we Light workers are tired.

But we are done, we do not need to save anyone anymore we only need to see and understand we now are higher dimensional love.

Do you recall December 21, 2012???? when earth was supposed to experience the END of Linear time and the merging of Spherical and Linear time??? Those who were awakened before 2012 know, as do I, working very hard to make this ascension happen and it did not, many lost faith and died within, we had many new challenges to overcome.

In 2012 we missed that window with Light workers only registered 18% Light on Earth when 21% was need to pull this off.

More time was needed. Well, here we are, a little after Solstice 2022 and....we hit our number so we can relax and be the observer.

We reached point zero and start new but still need to balance the shifting so selfcare and selflove come first knowing Divine union is now here possible for all of us and we do not need to save anyone anymore we are good.

Know we have come from far, it is not easy believing we did it, we stepped out of the old Human identity and become galactic 😊

Big changes inside of us all are still happening to prepare us for what will come next 🙏

With Love and Blessings ❤️

David Alexander Lightfoot


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