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Divine Uniqueness

Yes, I’m different … I choose to love without having an agenda. I choose to forgive when my ego cries out for revenge. I choose to listen to my heart when it calls my name I choose to trust even though others have let me down. I choose to believe that everything happens for our good. I choose to accept instead of judging others differences. I choose to communicate instead of shutting down. I choose to care instead of being comfortably numb. I choose to laugh rather than take myself too seriously. I choose to rise up under pressure instead of giving up. I choose to be different. Own It .. "Own the fact that you are different Own that you are a deep feeler and thinker Own that you're tuned into a different frequency Own the fact that you sense things others don't Own the fact that you want to talk about angels, energy, miracles and spirituality Own that you're done having meaningless conversations Own that you're done holding yourself back Own that you crave freedom to feel the now It's ok if your family don't get you. It's ok if your friends don't join you It's ok if the world judges you It's ok that you want to dance barefoot upon the earth and endlessly gaze at the stars It's ok that you cry over sunsets and chase moonbeams It's wonderful in fact. It's beautiful You have come a long way to be who you are So own it. Own all of it. Love all of you The world needs you to be exactly as you are You hold the balance in this crazy world" By Eryka Stanton.


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