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Divine Dragons are here to clear the old energies.

Divine Dragons are here to clear the old energies.

September 10, 2021

Linda Li

Dear family of love and light, the Divine asked me to give you updates on what is happening around the clock and on the planet.

The Divine says that lately, the Divine has brought an army of Dragons to the planet. These dragons are Divinely created for the purpose of moving the Divine plan forward. They are creatures that carry powerful energies. They can fly at the speed of light. They have all sorts of colors and there is different range of Rays they emit. When they are at work, they work tirelessly with extreme focus on their mission. Nothing can distract them from what they do, and their focus is extraordinary.

The Divine has asked these Divine dragons to come and help clean the Divine path forward. Their arrival has marked the beginning of the new age. One of their tasks is to clear all the old energies out of the planet so that when the Divine starts the next phase, there won't be interference.

These dragons have already started the clearing process. The process may take a little time. However, at their dragon speed, things are moving very fast. In Divine's assessment, by the time the Divine Gathering begins at Fall Equinox, the planet will be in a much better and safer place for the gathering. That is the goal for the dragons and the Divine is very confident that these dragons will do a great job and finish their job on time.

Besides the dragons, lately, the Divine has also started the changes of some light worker's soul missions. Some have already begun their new task. There are also some light workers who have been asked by the Divine to continue what they are doing. In doing so, the overall Divine plan will be continued and on track.

For the ones whose mission has changed, their new mission has started. And the Divine has guided them to their new mission. It is either for the new earth, or for the purpose of their own enlightenment process.

As for the new timeframe for the ones whose missions have changed, the Divine says that they will be on this new job for at least months or a year or so. And once they are done with this new task, the Divine will do an assessment and decide what to do next. However, for the time being, the Divine asks these souls to focus on the new task and focus on themselves and get the job done smoothly. That is what the Divine expects from these souls.

The last thing the Divine wants to let the light workers know is that the overall Divine plan is going very well. All things are finishing up so that the Divine will launch the next phase around Fall Equinox. That is the schedule the Divine has decided, and there is nothing that can or will change that.

Divine love for you all.

Linda Li. So it is.

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