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December 2021- Truths That Create Massive"Aha" Moments ,

December 2021- Truths That Create Massive"Aha" Moments , Reconsideration of Control + Power, The Enlightened Sage Comes Forth

By: Astromomma

Welcome to December 2021! We have now made it to the 12th month of this incredibly interesting and perplexing year! Give yourself a lot of love and grace. You have gone through life changing transformations this past year. That is no small feat and it has taken tremendous courage and strength.

December 2021 is a month of wrapping things up and letting old ideas go. At the same time, December 2021 is a month of intense wake up calls around what we consider to be true and of value. This is an inward journey of discovery but these "aha moments" will certainly be manifesting outwardly as well. The main reason for some of this intensity is that we are still in eclipse season.

Eclipse season brings shifts, massive changes and sudden events into our lives. Normally we don't see them coming. I have said this before but will repeat my sentiments from previous articles. The best and easiest way to deal with eclipses is to surrender and allow. This not only applies to eclipses of course. There is beauty and power within allowing and accepting whatever shows up to be there without judgement and fear. Taking it one step at a time and being extra gentle with yourself and others is also advised. If the world operated with such compassion and presence many of our issues would cease to exist.

We start off December with quite a huge "bang" and this is where I will begin.

On December 3rd/4th, we have the eye opening and expansive Total Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids that propel us into a new path of beginnings, fresh slates and ultimate creative powers. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign deals with truth, beliefs, faith, travel, education and action. The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will demand the whole TRUTH and nothing but the truth. A huge and eye opening event or circumstance could be revealed in our lives at this time. Since Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, there will be something BIG about these events. Many could have a complete shift in their consciousness around what beliefs they value or alternatively a certain belief could be completely thrown out the window with this eclipse. For those folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant close to 12 degrees of Sagittarius( +/- 3 degrees) these revelations and shifts will be felt most dramatically. For everyone, wherever 12 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your natal chart will be a wake up call to become more authentically aligned with your sovereignty and freedom. This Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is ending a cycle that began in May 2020 when the nodes moved into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The last time we had a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius was on December 4th, 2002. You might want to look back to that time to receive clues on similar events and situations that could occur.

Moving to the middle of the month, on December 18th, we have the intellectual and witty Full Moon at 18 degrees of Gemini. Full moons are always highly emotional and changed with energy. They herald endings, manifestations and culminations. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign deals with communication, contracts, learning and intellectual endeavours. The Full Moon in Gemini will bring forth our curious sides and more playful energy. Exploring a new language or course of study could become the focus at this time. A lighter and more whimsical focus will be prevalent. Many folks will be able to speak up about a long standing issue. My advice during this time is to make sure that we back up our words with action. Sometimes Gemini energy can be quite chatty but their words fall short of dedicated effort. Creating a mental "master plan" and concrete actions to back up those brilliant ideas is what will be asked from the universe. For anyone with 18 degrees of Gemini as their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign( +/- 3 degrees) will feel the intensity of this full moon the most. Major epiphanies around communication will be felt and heard. For everyone else, wherever 18 degrees of Gemini falls in your natal chart is where contracts and communication will be highlighted and in focus.

On December 19th, we have the rare and important transit of Venus, the planet of love, money, joy and comfort turning retrograde at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign deals with business, authority, structures and control. This is a rare transit as Venus only turns retrograde every 18-19 months. She also transforms over from an evening star to a morning star. While she was an evening star, Venus was more feminine and gentle in her approach. Now as she transitions over to a morning star, she will become more masculine and aggressive. Venus retrograde in Capricorn will have us refocus and reflect on what matters to us in regards to our business, career and sense of control and authority. Many folks could go into different jobs or atleast explore projects/work from the past. Since Venus does rule love, and retrograde energy brings in the past, many could see an old love return onto the scene. This will be most prevalent for folks who have their ascendant sign in Virgo or Cancer ( as this VR will be happening in the 5th and 7th houses of romance and commitment).

During this Venus retrograde in Capricorn, this is an excellent time to go back and reflect on what structures and obligations in our lives need to be let go of or modified/tweaked. This also could be a time where folks need to examine their own power or the power of those around them. Finding a balance of equilibrium and equality will be important around setting up new structures and plans. In general, it is not best time to do major cosmetic procedures during Venus retrograde periods if you can help it. For anyone whose Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign is between 11-26 degrees of Capricorn(the degree Venus retrogrades at and turns direct at) this will be an extremely critical period of re-evaluating what matters most to you around your profession, livelihood and sense of well being. For everyone else, check where 11-26 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart to see what systems and structures will need to be looked at and revised. The last time we had Venus retrograde in Capricorn was on December 21st, 2013. You might want to look back to around that time to receive clues on what might occur with this upcoming transit.

On December 22nd, the Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force shifts from the carefree vibes of Sagittarius into the more grounded and serious energies of Capricorn. Capricorn the 10th zodiac sign deals with obligations, karma, big business, hard work and practicality. The more philosophical downloads we received in the previous season now make way for grounded plans and structures. Appreciating hard work and longevity will be the focal point for this upcoming Capricorn season. This season won't tolerate half ass attempts and many folks could finally buckle down on a business endeavor, project or career goal.

On December 23rd/24th we have the final aspect between the tense square of Uranus, the planet of change, freedom and enlightenment, who is in the sign of Taurus and Saturn, the planet of structure, obligations and karma who is in the sign of Aquarius. Even though these two will still be making an aspect well into 2022, they already met up in an exact square on February 14th and June 14th of this year. Now as they meet up for the final exact square there will be repeated episodes from their previous meetups. Saturn represents authority, obligation, structures and karma.. also the tried and true. Uranus represents freedom, enlightenment, breakthroughs, individuality and shake ups.. also the unknown and wild. You can see how these two have caused quite a stir this year. Society will continue to experience the tug and pull of the old vs. the new with these two coming back together. Squares are often looked at as quite negative. They aren't but that is the old school interpretation. Square aspects( 180 degrees) represent tension but action. You need friction to get things moving and grooving. The higher aspect of these two could be us finally working together even amongst not completely agreeing with one another's values and views. I don't need to explain the lower octave of their pairing as this has already been very evident in the world. Folks who have fixed sign placements( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) as their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs will be most impacted by this aspect. Expect many changes but these will be slow and at times difficult to quantify as that is the stubborn nature of the fixed sign energies.

Finally on December 28th, Jupiter the planet of luck, wisdom, travel and philosophy returns back to his home or docile sign of Pisces. Jupiter made a quick trip here previously this year from May- July. Now the largest planet in our solar system is ready to return to his original home of deep diving spiritual exodus. Pisces the 12th zodiac sign deals with the subconscious, spirituality, sensitivity, and transcendence. Jupiter in Pisces will increase our psychic and spiritual capacities along with our ability to be compassionate and of service. Jupiter loves to be here so the planet of good fortune will cast a beautiful weave of cosmic gifts and blessings. Many folks could heighten their spiritual abilities and the desire to merge with others that are like minded will be strong. Healing and poetic beauty will be noticed and this is a great transit to tap into your unknown abilities and communicate with loved ones/friends that have passed on. We will have to watch out for being too idealistic and in the clouds and remember to stay grounded during this period but overall this transit will be beautiful and healing for our hearts and souls. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 2010( besides his brief stint earlier this year). You might want to look back to that time to get clues on what could happen this upcoming transit.

December 2021 is a month of endings but also powerful new beginnings. As mentioned in the beginning, we are still in these eclipse energies which will be lingering until at least the end of January 2022. December 2021 wants you to listen to your heart and to quiet your mind and restlessness. This might prove to be rather challenging. The key to this month is to recognize the beauty and wisdom of your authenticity and sovereignty. No one can take that away from you unless you allow it. While this month will be busy, there is a lot of planetary energy of reflection, revision and redirection. Taking the time to be extra gentle and compassionate with yourself is always advised by me but even more so this month.

December 2021 wants you to remember that life is a series of ups and downs and the constant within all of it is your ability to never lose sight of the infinite love and support from yourself and spirit. This month wants you to own your worth and to let go of anyone or anything that is standing in the way of your brilliance and shine! December 2021 is here to reveal major aha moments of truth, have you reconsider what true power and authority looks like and to remind you of our connection to spirit and to one another.

© Astromomma, 2021


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