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Darkest Before The Dawn Collectively and Individually

By: Jelelle Awen


We are moving through the darkest before the dawn phase, peak fear and peak sense of separation before love can finally be let IN by more souls. As the Matrix agenda/programs of control and restriction start up again in more obvious ways, the chaos of the great bifurcation of choosing love or fear for humanity continues.

Soul choices also continue to peak now and over the last three years…choosing to awaken and ascend into the unknown of a liberated and love-based future on Gaia…….or to leave the body/Earth Plane now……..or to consciously conform to the Great Reset agenda (esp as it becomes more and more obvious).

Those anchored to the 3D consciousness Matrix can still be motivated by fear, to make choices that at their core are about a abandonment of self wisdom and Divine guidance…..connected to a deep fear of physical body death or of being rejected by others or of ‘getting in trouble.’

Fear is ultimately an unstable energy to serve as ongoing motivation and has to be constantly energized in a punitive way. And the cost is stress, ongoing anxiety, distrust, depression, body illness/injury, relationship issues/abuse, scarcity/lack, etc. that doesn’t get resolved or answered by conforming to the fear.

The parts of the 3D self that are still hookable to this peak fear/separation programming on the outside have also internalized these energies. The Inner Punisher voice and energy is represented by the outer authority’s overreach and control. The younger aspects are caught in a shame reaction that separates them from their innate innocence and goodness.

You may feel this dynamic as an awakening soul in a much deeper and more subtle way. It is such a celebration truly if you are no longer swayed by the outer authorities and their control/fear manipulation agendas. Yet, even if you say ‘no’ to this 3D fear motivation, parts of you may still be energizing these inner judgement/shame loops of ongoing suffering.

The karmic knots and Matrix plugs/binds from many lifetimes vibrate, wanting to be loved and to be resolved. The soul aspects bleed through with their persecution wounds, their unresolved guilt, their survival modes & fight or flight realities. Roles as both persecutor and victim come up to be completed.

All this bleeding through of the soul may drop you into what feels like quite a dark night or ‘rock bottom.’ Suicidal feelings come up as there is no more 3D to ‘go back to’ or egoic things to construct and the new hasn’t quite taken deeper root within you yet to be drawn. Despair is a heavy and constant companion, even when the light of goodness comes in.

For you, then, there is nowhere to go BUT UP.

You are starting to feel that it is time to let your soul take over with its momentum to feel and heal. To connect consciously to higher dimensional soul aspects and guides who can provide support. To seek mentoring/guidance from those unplugged from the false light teachers/way showers who have walked through this shadow of the valley of death and emerged out into the light of a new day within themselves. To be with soul family who can reflect the resonant values that your soul is reminding you that can form into the deepest of intimacies and bonds.

Love becomes your primary motivation as you unhook, dissolve, and unplug from these fear agendas on the outside and the inside.

Love motivates you to respond to all parts of you and soul aspects (even those anchored to 3D consciousness still) who need to feel hope, trust, and bridging to new realities beyond fear.

Love motivates you to serve, to be a beacon of light/hope/love for others who are in their dark nights and shadow valleys.

Love motivates you to be in union with the Divine, with yourself AND with others….leading the way to a new dawn within yourself and for others too.


Jelelle Awen


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