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Crystalline Human Template

September 27, 2021

By: Galaxygirl

Greetings, beloved ones. We are the Crystalline Human Template. We are forming right under your noses. We are your future template for those who choose to embrace the light. We are the higher consciousness template downloading now into those who are attuned, awakened, aware and enlivened by these higher dimensional frequencies. To the others it will be like a breeze that they cannot feel for they are not sensing the presence of the wind. It is much like that. To those whose eyes are awake and stand on the cliff looking forward into the great chasm of the unknown, of beauty, of promise and hope, they can only feel this wind and meet it with joy. Joy is long coming for the ascending human. The ascended human template will be wired for joy, programmed for joy, for hope, for exploration into the great unknown. You will become galactic citizens in your own right and you will remember your many sojourns into the fore, into the great eternal Now. Much is to be discovered.

We are the Crystalline Human Template. We wish to give your cells a boost of love. Please envision, as we are showing this one, envision a spinning double helix DNA that descends from Source through your crown all the way down your body. It is as if a giant DNA activator has been put through your core. You are plugged into this energy when you allow it inside of you. Now see the double helix multiply until it is a massive cord of intricately programmed light that is alive and communicating. There are too many helixes to count. It does not matter how many helixes you end up with for you will be receiving more information in the coming days to activate what you have further, and this will multiply them. Light is information. Love is light. You are being filled with both now, dear readers, dear way showers of Gaia. We love you. We wish for you to develop a further love for your human vessel. Many of you are having flashbacks of how you used to look, other galactic forms of you, and you view your physical body with distain, with contempt. You wish that you were taller, or thinner, or many other ways than you are now. But regardless, your body is here to work with you, to create with you, to help you ground this experience in form into your consciousness. For otherwise without your body you are obviously not grounded, you are a mere observer. Your body allows you to participate fully in your physical ascension. Your bodies are requiring more sunlight, for the codes from Father Sun assist, and your bodies have been needing their thirst quenched by the waters of the Mother. All are codes to assist your beautiful morphing form. We wish for you to see everything as a code, as intelligence in various forms, much like a computer program. You are receiving an upgrade daily from the codes of the sun, from the waters of the earth, from your crystal friends. Give them to your body as a gift, as a blessing. The cells are working harder than they have ever worked before. There are areas of blocked confusion, of pain, of stores memories from other lifetimes that are coming up. The light must flow through all of your body, not just one side or the other. Intend to clear, to clean, to improve the pathways. Send lig