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Creatrix Rising: return to the Cosmic Womb

By: Lauren C. Gorgo


We’ve arrived at another critical turning point opening us to the next chapter of our involvement with the Cosmic Life Force. From the equinox (9/22) to the new moon (9/25) we are moving thru a powerful portal to zero-point, a 3-day window of shifting energies as the Sun illuminates the balancing & self-reflective energies of Libra and Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun, revealing the themes of the last two weeks of mental review.

Equinoxes are always opportunities to rebalance/reassess our m-f (doing-being) energies and modify our priorities after the prior 6 months of expansion & evolution…a time to come Home to the equilibrium of Self. And the Libra new moon this Sunday opens eclipse season, providing a new/higher set of potentials that we will be working with until 11/23. (Partial solar eclipse in Scorpio is on 10/25, total lunar eclipse in Taurus is on 11/8)

And if that weren’t enough change, we also entered the Mars pre-shadow period on 9/3 and will be in the entirety of this retrograde cycle until March of next year. Mars turns retrograde on 10/30 (in Gemini) and direct on 1/12/23 and the post shadow lasts until 3/15/23. This is an important passage to be aware of as the Mars in Gemini (mind-body) themes will be with us for the next several months, some of which are already presenting.