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Connected to all as one

An increasingly noticed and noted occurrence amongst evolving souls is a growing and ever-expanding hyper-sensitivity to energies and frequencies around us. Our own energy fields and souls are expanding. Evolving. Interpenetrating into our environment, and vice versa. This is a form of telepathy and telempathy. One which we once had, which was switched off genetically, and energetically. We had a hyper-connectivity to each other, to the animals, the plants, the water, the earth, the stars. The incoming high frequency codes and energies are reactivating these ancient dormant abilities within us. You will feel the energies, the emotions of others as if they were your own. This is closer to the truth than most realize. At the level of pure spirit, we are intimately interconnected. All is one infinite field of creation. Your heart is actually connected to all other hearts. To all of creation. It can be overwhelming to feel, and know this. Make sure to take time to yourself. To ground into the Earths loving, peaceful frequency. Take time to rest. To breath consciously. Slowly. To replenish your energy. To release all that is heavy. Reset. Recenter. Back into your heart. Speak to God, the maker of your infinite spirit. Ask this creator to make your evolution as gentle as possible. To infuse you with it's love. It's radiance. It's protection. You are going through shifts unimaginable. But you have existed before time. You were once a Being of light. You slowed down your energy and frequency to become a being of form. Now you are returning back to where you came from. You are returning to your magnificence. Your limitlessness. It won't be easy. It will be beyond intense. But it will be so well worth it. Tone Mellard


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