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By: Archeia Aurora

This week our major event is Mercury going retrograde in the air sign of Libra ! We have been swimming in sea of retrograde planets for the last 6 months & Mercury is the finale before we finally see some direct movement in October.

This year, Mercury has gone retrograde in ALL air signs. Aquarius, Gemini and now Libra. What is this showing us? Air is the most versatile element…and also the most rebellious. Air cannot be seen, felt, touched or contained. Air is an enigma. We cannot grasp it but we know its there and we need it. Without air, all other elements would die. Water wouldn’t have space to flow, earth wouldn’t be able to breathe, & fire would never be able to be free. Air is the element of space, you cannot contain the container.

Air rules over our mental bodies, our ability to receive information, process it, integrate it, & then share it. Air is what connects us through unity consciousness. It creates magic. It is the divinely inspired ideas, the aha moments, it is the freedom of expression between souls & it is the element of freedom. Air changes at a whim, it is never afraid to enter a new space and it never stays stagnant. This is our innate desire to expand, to change, and to evolve.

With Mercury ruling over our thoughts & communication, we have gone through our mental bodies the last year and removed what is no longer working for us. We have had to refine & change the way we communicate, the way we think, the way we express, & we have had to CHANGE. Without this change we cannot evolve. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, we are redefining our focus. Libra wears the rose colored glasses, but in the higher perspective, Libra sees the beauty in ALL things. Libra sees all sides, all perspectives, & neutralizes dualistic thinking.

This retrograde is calling for us to neutralize what we see. We must dissolve our judgments, opinions, assumptions & lower thoughts. We must enter this state of neutrality so that all can fall away without us creating belief systems around what is occurring in our personal worlds & in the collective. No more black & white, no more opinions. We are the most powerful co-creators with Source & what we are creating is shifting from the 3D timeline to the 5D timeline. Our relationships are shifting & changing. We are seeking out others who match our frequencies rather than those who trigger our wounds. We are holding the space of compassion, of love, of beauty. Expression through art & divine creativity is at an all time high.

As we enter October, we enter the Highest Timeline Anchoring Phase. The last few months since the 7-7 Portal, we have been burning away what was no longer working. We were being reflected all of the lower that was still being held onto. We felt unstable, chaotic, and lost at sea with idea of what direction to go in. The 8-8 Portal was our final shakeup to get our shit together. To surrender to what Source, Mother of All Creation was unfolding for us. Through the 9-9 Portal we finally found our footing. The miracles and synchronicities began unfolding in unimaginable ways and finally we got the message: Choose the higher timeline & let go of the past.

September has been a month of healing, letting go & finding closure. Ancient energies of our DNA have come through for healing and releasing & we are finally making the choice to let go of the fear. The fear of pain and suffering repeating itself has been an illusion the entire time. Our DNA has been reprogrammed, the facade has been lifted. We are seeing the light.

October holds the vibration of the 10 month & the 6. 10 is independence, the completion of projects & where are dreams begin to manifest from the seeds we have planted. This is harvest time & those who have done the work will reap the rewards. The givers are finally winning. The 6 vibration is harmony, stability & family. Soul tribes are gathering, the givers & lovers on Planet Earth=Heart are here to finally experience all dreams of love coming true.

As we shed the final ancient traumas, the Atlantean & Lumerian timeline is coming back as our final choice point. The lower timeline of Atlantis, AI, Cabal, pain & suffering is dead, it no longer exists. Wayshowers it is time to let go of our attachment to 3D. The human dramas are coming to a close as they are having their final scene of the play. They have burnt out of our system & our DNA is cleansed. WE START OVER. We start the new Lumerian New Earth timeline now.

Stop waiting on disclosure. Stop waiting on the White Hats. Stop waiting on Trump. Stop waiting on NESARA. We are the disclosure. We are the white hats. We are NESARA. We will spend the next 3 months anchoring in the Lumerian timeline we have chosen with our hearts. The 3D lower timeline will combust itself as the lies, confusion, & chaos become too much and the EGO minds collapse. Our frequency will hold our position, our leadership birthright & our determination to guide Humanity home into the Light.

Focus on love only. Focus on your frequency & allow yourself to enter the Portal of New Earth. Anchor this in every moment, every day. We, the wayshowers, will anchor in this timeline to be completed on December 21st, 2021. We then usher in year of the Divine Mother, 2022, where all Dreams of Love will manifest before our eyes.

Recommendations this week:

Journal everything. Spend moments everyday connecting with Source, Mother. Meditate, raise your frequency. Envision New Earth & match the vision with your vibration. Create! Use the massive energy of creativity & manifestation to create anything and everything your heart desires. This is the most potent time we have ever been in to create magic.

Sessions: I recommend Astro Oracle Readings this week to see what human dramas are burning from your life, how to let them go, & how to step into your new path.

Products: I recommend candles this week. Using the scents & the sacredness of the candles for meditation & ceremony burning. Make your space sacred, soft, warm & beautiful.

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