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By: Ramona Lappin

I've been receiving this message since Saturday, that BIG sudden shifts are imminent within our physical reality and we can already see the beginnings with the Dam having truly burst on the Truth Tsunami that keeps building and unfolding. We are also receive many insights, downloads, CLARITY and Remembering again! All also connected to the powerful clearings and Activations of the Crystalline Network, Grid and Earth's Crystal Core, as they are part of the Planetary Brain and hold the true history records of humanity!

KNOW YOU ARE THE MIRACLE who came to create Miracles! To manifest your dreams and desires and not compromise! To make the I'M-POSSIBLE possible!!

As I came back to the flat yesterday I found this most beautiful, small Aqua blue feather on the table (see pic). I knew straight away it was a powerful message from the Krystic Dragon Luminaries and Aurora Family.

"The Blue Feathers of "The Aquaferion Shield holds the genetic record that is called the Blue Feathers which represents the 12 Tribes of the Krystic Aquaferion Races from Andromeda in the Krystal Eternal Tree of Life, which many of us from the Blue Dragon family are direct descendants...Through the 12 Tribes of Aquaferion comes the Crystal Rose Heart anatomy, the Diamond Sun crystal rose heart, which is being returned now to the Cathar Rose bloodlines and related genetic descendants.

The Aquaferion blue feathers shield is to help clear out the Yahweh Matrix and Metatronic infection of reversal light coding in the Earth human 12 Tribes DNA coding and Tribal Shield.."

Source & more information:

I am receiving HUGE Activations, downloads and higher dimensional Frequencies to prepare us for and support this through tonight's Remote Quantum Energy Group Activation of our Multidimensional DNA, Aurora and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody this Sunday the 7th. More info for those interested in signing up:

Also please note, these are Collective Activations we are assisting in anchoring powerfully into the field for ALL willing Hearts and Souls! You can tune into this Activation via intend after it has gone 'live' also, just intend to receive this when you have an hour to relax if you have missed the time of the Activation. The field is most active as soon as I announce these and until 48 hrs after the Activation happened, yet it continues to unfold long after that. If you do decide to take part, please do consider giving a love gift donation if possible, as a form to show your gratitude for what I am facilitating, and to support the work and mission. All and anything is deeply appreciated and supports me back, THANK YOU!

I was shown yesterday, Saturday, a most beautiful Golden-white Abundance portal Opening within and through the 7 Higher Heavens and Aurora Matrix in Andromeda, pouring in from Source through the Solar StarGate System that has been cleared earlier this week of negative aliens that have been inhabiting pockets also known as hybernation zones, that exists within the Earths atmosphere. The Perfect Storm that unfolded between the 31st, Sunday evening (UT), and was most powerful until Friday am, has created the perfect conditions to clear the remaining false Matrix holographic overlay and inserts, Architecture, entities and negative density, as well as brought many DNA and Diamond Plasma Lightbody corrections, healing and Upgrades.

There's been many layers to all that has been unfolding, such as the removal of black goo and many other Planetary debris, dark and reversed vortexes, Grid System, especially with that big M-class Solar flare that happened the night of the 31st around 1am UTC on the 1.11 and lasted for about 1 hour as the geomagnetic instability was starting to build. We cleared the field and fully activated the Group Shield again, Earth natural protective field.

Although the powerful energetic part of The Perfect Storm has passed, we keep experiencing ongoing increase in solar winds, basically a solar storm event even if it has calmed somewhat. As well as minor C-class solar flares and on and off geomagnetic unrest conditions. These powerful inter-dimensional, unmeasurable plasma infusions we are receiving are being amplified through the geomagnetic storms and Cosmic Rays we are receiving abundantly now and this will continue to build, like we keep reaching new base levels, so C-class flares and geomagnetic unrest conditions are no longer a big thing but more of the norm.

Solar storms for example deliver extra protons through the proton/ solar storm and together with solar flares going off at the same time are ionising earth's atmosphere and help change matter and re-encrypt the elements. They are helping change the carbon structure of Reality and atoms from carbon to Crystalline. This is physical matter Transformation with the help of these beautiful and powerful Plasma Waves and infusions! Our bodies are also made up of elements and both humanity and the Planetary Body, are changing at quantum God speed now at a physical and Consciousness level.

I also noticed the ongoing radio blackout that happened at the North and South pole this week, assisting in the Planetary staff / vertical axis Alignment and corrections as this has now been reclaimed and achieved.

We have many powerful physical and mental emotional spiritual Activations and Clearings unfolding. Especially Cranial Expansions, Solar Plexus Upgrades and Heart Openings. Remaining doubts, fears and worries came up to clear for us to dissolve in Neutrality, no longer being triggered by lower Dimensional survival fears as we have transcended the lower realms. Of course many are currently working through this as we are all at a different stage of the journey. Just keep discerning between limiting programming and Higher Self guidance. Let go of all remaining fears that keep you attached to the false fear Matrix. Let God and Let God. We have to be the happy fools right now that keep celebrating all that arises and keep cutting through the remaining illusions and false fears that keep us imprisoned. Its definitely been intense but noone said this was easy. The spiritual path is for BRAVE-HEARTS, not the faint of heart! And ..

We are receiving so many layers of beautiful Healing light and sound infusions as we are fully reclaiming, re-essembling and unifying the Divine Template of the 144 DNA Golden strands of DNA and subharmonics. Some may sense new sounds and colours available now, just our physical eyes still requires adjustments, much of what exists we still can't see, yet this is changing NOW!

The Krystic dragon luminaries are assisting us in the most beautiful and powerful way as the guardians of our Tribal records and shield, helping clear, heal and open the inter-dimensional Stargate System allowing the unification of our Multidimensional Self, that of Earth, all dimension and Timelines into ONE! I will forever be in deepest Gratitude to these beautiful beings, that are us! I have been experiencing the most beautiful blending, merging, Alignment and Unification with these and other Multidimensional Aspects of mine in this physical vessel which keeps unfolding. Truly, what are we even waiting for one asks themselves when experiencing these layers of the Consciousness?! This is truly what it's all about. Now we bring this into the physical 😉

The Blue Feathers and dragon luminaries are assisting with the return of our Tree of Life, Core Encryption Codes, genetic and ancestral record of all 12 human tribes. This also is a big focus I am being shown for tonight's Activation. Fully healing the tribal shield with the correct 144 subharmonics, all ALL IS INTERCONNECTED!! Removing all inorganic materials and Connection to Abbadon (centre of black hole System), all related negative aliens, false Ascended Masters and AI constructs.


Of all seals and ET ownership claims, clearing all layers of reptilian hybrid genetic code, all reversals and all distortions throughout our and the Planetary Blueprints. Clearing, removing, dissolving and releasing all and any remaining Soul or others fragments, attachments, soul possessions, ancestral beings, Implants, Fallen Angelics, alien hosts, miasma, karmic bloodlines and alien abduction.

We cancel, clear, delete, remove and dissolve ALL mind control programming, scripts, Frequencies, negative alien machinery and technology, and their holographic inserts, false overlays and memories, across all Timelines, all Realities, all incarnations, all dimensions (seen and unseen) NOW! We command this with the God given Power of the Sovereign Co-creators that we are! Reclaiming our full Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberty and Abundance that are our Divine Birthright NOW!

Speak this out loud, mean it, BELIEVE THAT IT IS SO!! AS IT IS DONE! 🙏

Also, I wanted to share a short excerpt from Ascension Glossary on how geomagnetics storms assistant with the shift of the Collective Consciousness, for better understanding:

"..Massive geomagnetic change also means massive change to the Global Brain and therefore the individual human mind relationship to that brain. Who we think we are in our thought-forms, what we believe we are a part of, is largely defined by the (manipulated) magnetic structure of the Global brain. When the Global Brain changes our thoughts radically; we have a choice, do we adapt, or do we fall apart?Magnetic changes at these levels will create and/or destroy at the same time. Magnetic changes at this level will also radically shift time and space as we know it. Our relationship to time (timelines) will be moved forward, as a skipping forward through time."


So much is unfolding, so many layers, we could write forever but this shall be enough for now. I was shown a beautiful Golden-white God/ Christ flame being put inside of my/ our Hearts yesterday (Saturday 6th UT) connecting, anchoring and merging our Crustal Rose Hearts with the Heart and Mind of God-Source. It is helping us purify and heal now all remaining trauma, pain, fear, resentments, regrets and protective walls around our Hearts! All that is needed for us to burst pen in bliss and bring Heaven to Earth, through the sacred Edenic Codes we carry!

There is so much more unfolding, some of what I have shared above, yet truly all of this is beyond words and has to be FELT!! This is truly the Key to it all, us FEELING THE TRUTH is the only way to KNOW it. And as we navigate these storms and quantum plasma waves with the help of our inner KNOWing, Wisdom and Intuition above all else, we shall be carried by our own etheric wings. We receive more insights and re-claim our gifts, abilities and power, by using and applying them, that's how more comes forth. FULL CONFIDENCE IN US, in our power, abilities and gifts is what is paramount now for us to fully soar, roar and rise as we are now ready to be fully re-born aNEW!!


Triggering the Collective Awakening which is all-ready way underway! The red pill has been delivered.


We are the Miracles that came to create Miracles! All through a shift in perception, of how we understand Reality, how all of this works, why it had to happen, the bigger picture! THE RESOLUTION and forgiveness,


Your imagination and beliefs are the only limit to what you can manifest now, and after all..

Who is THE ONE dreaming anyway..? 🦋

Thank you for your service to ALL and

BEing HERE NOW 🙏💙🌈🌹🦁🦋

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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