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By: Ramona Lappin

I've been receiving this message since Saturday, that BIG sudden shifts are imminent within our physical reality and we can already see the beginnings with the Dam having truly burst on the Truth Tsunami that keeps building and unfolding. We are also receive many insights, downloads, CLARITY and Remembering again! All also connected to the powerful clearings and Activations of the Crystalline Network, Grid and Earth's Crystal Core, as they are part of the Planetary Brain and hold the true history records of humanity!

KNOW YOU ARE THE MIRACLE who came to create Miracles! To manifest your dreams and desires and not compromise! To make the I'M-POSSIBLE possible!!

As I came back to the flat yesterday I found this most beautiful, small Aqua blue feather on the table (see pic). I knew straight away it was a powerful message from the Krystic Dragon Luminaries and Aurora Family.

"The Blue Feathers of "The Aquaferion Shield holds the genetic record that is called the Blue Feathers which represents the 12 Tribes of the Krystic Aquaferion Races from Andromeda in the Krystal Eternal Tree of Life, which many of us from the Blue Dragon family are direct descendants...Through the 12 Tribes of Aquaferion comes the Crystal Rose Heart anatomy, the Diamond Sun crystal rose heart, which is being returned now to the Cathar Rose bloodlines and related genetic descendants.

The Aquaferion blue feathers shield is to help clear out the Yahweh Matrix and Metatronic infection of reversal light coding in the Earth human 12 Tribes DNA coding and Tribal Shield.."

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