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BEcoming a new way

Coming out

Here we this long-awaited moment of flowering, rebirth.

And we still hold on to something, we hold on to the past, to the old way of being.

One thing is certain, in this moment of separation of dimensions, we cannot step forward if we don't let go of the old.

It is not possible to embrace a new way of being, a way of living from the heart while still holding tightly the way of living from mental identification.

We cannot live a life reflected by the truth as long as we still hold dual beliefs.

We cannot live a life in harmony and love as long as we still keep people around who do not reflect these vibrations yet.

We cannot sit on two chairs at the same time.

It is time to make a conscious choice.

Being here, ready to experience our own flourishing, everything we still hold from the past turns into suffering.

All we do against the heart now is nothing but suffering.

Yes, we don't know how to open ourselves to infinite goodness, harmony, love...

We have lived our whole existence in that way of limitation, suffering...we do not know what it is like to live happiness, harmony, love, infinite abundance.

I understood why we were not letting go of what is toxic in our lives even though we had learned the lessons...

We were sticking to the old way...because it's the only one we know.

Even if this way means suffering.

Now an awareness awakens in us that puts all these things in the light.

An inner love helps us, a love that offers itself the best.

I am open and I receive the happiness that I am.

I am open and I receive the limitlessness that I am.

I am open and I receive the harmony that I am.

I am open to live the infinite love that I am.

I am open to live the union that I am.

I am open to live from the heart honoring the infinite existence that I am.

I am open to live the experience of the truth that I am, that of being the source of infinite goodness.

The source of infinite love.

Source of infinite abundance.

Infinite union.

I know how to open myself to the experience of the truth that I am, infinite love, infinite harmony, infinite abundance, limitlessness, happiness.

I know what It feels being the truth that I am.

While writing all this I realize that everything that is not the truth that I am is illusion, nothing.

All that suffering, limitation, smallness, lack, has no existence in itself.

It has existed in my life until now as a result of my belief in an idea.

But now I know the truth.

I know that that idea has no existence in itself, it is nothing.

And there is nothing else outside of the truth.

Everything that is not the truth does not exist at all.

What should I let go of then?

I let go the idea that the apparent experiences experienced until now are existence, realities.

In truth, they are illusions, nothing.

I lived through a series of illusions.

Because I had embraced the belief in the existence of two universal powers.

Now I know the truth.

One existence and infinite power.

Life reflects the truth of who we are.

Harmony, limitlessness, love, abundance.

Now in my life there will no longer be two universal forces.

As of now there is only One.

The truth.

So my life will reflect the truth.

And everything that does not reflect the truth can no longer remain in my life.

I consciously let go of anything less than harmony, flow, limitlessness, love, joy.

I consciously choose to live life in its fullness.

Welcome to the natural state of being.

Welcome to a life of celebration, happiness, joy.

Welcome to the unity of being.

By BogdanaElena


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