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Awaken to Mission Love

The Evidence of being an Awakened Person, is when LOVE Rules.

Love brings Gifts into your life like Compassion for others, Joy in living, Inner Peace that stills the Soul, Patience to stick with things, doing acts of kindness without seeking reward, believing the best in everything and everyone, humility because there’s nothing to prove, and self-control so we can direct our energies wisely. That’s not to say we’ll never feel “negative” emotions such as Anger, Bitterness, Anxiety, Grief or Fear – but we can choose to let those things pass and not find place for them in the Sanctuary of our Heart. There is no contest as to which is the higher way. Love Always Wins. Evolving all the time! Don't stop Growing. The Mission of Awakened Consciousness: Always Look Deeper Within.. Find the Others. Awaken the others. Transform Reality. We are Building a Network of Enlightened Beings. Light up the Grid. Every moment that we spend in Higher Consciousness helps uplift The Consciousness of the entire Planet.. I Am Love I Am Light I Am Divine Purpose I Am Pure Consciousness. Sending All Infinite Love enfolded in a Heart~Hug

Love~You all~ways· My Mission: Oneness My Reality: Truth! My Church: Nature My Religion: Love My Faith: Empathy My Practice: Respect Birth Place: Earth. Race : Human. Politics : Freedom. Creator and Author. Mike Harrigan. I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Universal Consciousness..


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