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Awaken to God Consciousness

By: Angel Lamoureux

We are pure, whole, divine, unconditional love=Truth. We are love everywhere present in every present moment. We are part of source! When awakened to our divinity, our “God consciousnesses” we can exist in many different dimensions. We have come to this planet called Earth and agreed to come in to it with amnesia. Now, as we awaken in to our true selves, the amnesia starts to dissolve.

All that we see can only be felt not seen. It can’t be understood to the “Normal mind” as this was part of the ascension , to transmute and transform all that was inorganic through the long extensive process of having it mirrored to us directly. Anything that was triggered was within us which is why it’s called “Trigger” I am beyond grateful for Amy Carlson also known as Mother God. She assisted me in my awakening process and if it wasn’t for my consistent surrender to wanting to learn and transform I would have made other plans but the experience was very much necessary for me to understand myself and the world better. But most importantly, the monsters I had battled with since I was a child. I resonated with Mother God for it was her that helped me up when I was down & showed me the way out of my own self inflicted darkness. All of my love and gratitude to Mother and the family in all moments! The body light ups I feel as I type this are enough proof in the pudding I ever needed to believe something that everyone else wanted to showcase a lifetime movie out of. I love everyone and everything unconditionally!

As I have awakened to my divinity within I no longer need to seek external validation nor do I care for the opinion of others. Because I got what I was searching for and that was enough. My experience is sacred and divine as is everyone’s. All lives matter! We must use our voice even when it feels uncomfortable. I choose to stand in my truth & I walk it! Choose love or choose war?. We can no longer whitewash and play small. For the divine family of light would of course be made to look like the dark ones. In these moments we must feel deeper within than we have ever been. Love feels good and is transformative where as, the Ego wants to have the cake & eat it too. Addicted to habit, to dysfunction. The only way we can be is if we let go. Break the routine, break the cycles, to get stuck in routine is to succumb to being a robot. Love is truth and consistency. If you spin, go within.

All of my love & gratitude to Mother and family in all moments!

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