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You, the seed once embedded

In the soil of Mother Gaia

Becoming accustomed to the darkness of the undergrowth.

She wills you to grow

For contained in your core

Is the blueprint to thrive.

The direction your potential is being called towards

Is upward

While setting your roots down firmly

Your connection to Her is your foundation

For expansion.

Your inner strength and inherent trust

Forges the way of your Divine Path

As you crack open the layers of protection that had kept you dormant for a long moment.

In your rising upward towards the surface

You experience growth like no other

You feel everything that surrounds you

Amongst the many creatures that share the space of darkness,

The miracle of water drenching your fragile stem,

The symbiosis that is life.

A braver, more robust Seedling

You now break through the hard soil

Into the sunlight of empowerment

And the gentle breeze of freedom.

No longer constrained by the impacted dirt

Having moved impeding rocks out of your way

You feel the true power of your potential

Of being One with the elements

Having a majestic, blossoming experience

Into the exquisite Divine Sunflower that you are.

And as you stand tall and beautiful in all of your Grandness

You stamp your unique creative signature into the world

Ensuring God’s legacy and gift to Humanity;

Your Heavenly Presence in this Earthly realm.

Jeri Pie

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