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AQUARIUS NEW MOON / CHINESE NEW YEAR - Tuesday 1 February 2022, exact at 5.46am UK time (GMT)

By: Amy Bird Astrology

This is yet another potent Moon in a series of very powerful Moons! It seems that we are currently going through some kind of transformation and shift, and each Moon is another part of the process. And now we have an Aquarius New Moon, the sign of new vision, breakthroughs, revolution and brotherhood/sisterhood, which calls for us to contemplate our hopes and dreams for a better future. This Moon is especially powerful because we have Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, forming a dynamic, challenging square to the Sun and Moon, which will intensify the liberating, revolutionary energy of the Moon. This Moon seems to be setting the stage for some change, freedom and excitement and is calling for us to step out of whatever comfortable rut of conformity we might be in so that we can live a truly authentic life.

Aquarius is the sign of equality, liberty and fraternity; the part of us that likes to think for ourselves and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, Aquarius helps us to stand apart from consensus reality so that we can see it more objectively. New Moons represent a time to plants some energetic seeds for the month ahead. We are asked to contemplate what patterns and habits no longer serve us and leave them behind in the dark of the Moon, and to reflect on what we want to cultivate moving forward. Aquarius calls for us to step back and look at things from a different perspective, considering any hopes and dreams we might be harbouring in our hearts, even if they seem unusual, impossible, whacky or downright mad!

Aquarius calls for us to break down our programming, peeling back the layers of conditioning so that we can find out who we really are; our unique, authentic self. We are asked to let go of the need to conform or abide by the rules, especially if the rules make no sense whatsoever. Aquarius teaches us that just because someone in authority tells us something is the right thing to do it does not mean that it is necessarily so. Aquarius calls for us to question the status quo, stand up to authority, protest for our rights and make a break for freedom. Aquarius is not afraid to stand alone, if needs be, rather than blindly following the crowd. As such, this Moon could prompt us to question, rebel, liberate, individuate and to take a step back so that we can see things as they really are.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is a very big player indeed during this New Moon, as the Great Awakener is forming a tight, challenging square to the Sun and Moon. Anytime Uranus is involved we have the potential for shocks, surprises, sudden change, curve balls, wake up calls, epiphanies and breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs. As such, we could have some profound rand shocking revelations, both personally and collectively. Uranus is the planet of revolution and innovation, calling for us to let go of our programming and discover the true essence that lies beneath. It has the capacity to jolt us into a state of greater awareness, waking us up from our slumber and putting us back on the right track. It reminds us who we really are, versus who we thought we were “supposed” to be. This is the planet of freedom that liberates us from the shackles of societal and parental conditioning and helps us to find a place of greater authenticity.

Saturn in Aquarius is also involved in this Moon, bringing into focus the Saturn Uranus square that has been such a big part of the astrology of recent times. Aquarius is the sign that represents technology and the internet. It is the part of us that likes to feel free and seeks like-minded peeps to form friendships with. Saturn is the planet of structure, control, authority, limitation, discipline, commitment, reality and patience. Since Saturn has been in Aquarius, from March 2020, we have experienced a gradual curbing of our freedom and individual rights, limited social contact along with the inability to gather in large groups, more and more authoritarian control through the use of technology and censorship of those who question the prevailing narrative. There is more and more of a sense of big brother watching, which is becoming easier and easier as technology advances. People have been so willing to embrace the technological advances for the convenience it brings. However, there is a price to pay, which could potentially be our freedom if we are not careful.

As this Saturn Uranus square again comes into focus, we have the battle between Uranian freedom and Saturnian control. Uranus could break down the Saturnian structures and liberate us from our state of fear and compliance. We could also find that people are somehow liberated from judgemental attitudes, bringing about greater tolerance for our differences. Uranus in Taurus could bring about some kind of financial revolution which could bring a greater sense of freedom or could tighten authoritarian control. Uranus can wake us up from Saturnian programming, shocking us and greatly challenging our view of reality, which could potentially be quite destabilising. Uranus rebels, Saturn conforms. Uranus represents liberty, change and progression while Saturn represents structure, control and tradition. The old world is crumbling and we are being asked to find our place in a new world that is forming with a set of completely different rules.

Mercury and Venus remain retrograde, for now anyway, as Venus gets ready to turn direct on 29 January and Mercury on 5 February. Both retrograde planets are in Capricorn right now, which is giving us a heavy dose of reality as we are asked to look at the viability of our relationships and potential projects, taking off the idealistic rose-tinted spectacles. Mercury will join Pluto for the second time on 30 January, the first time having been 30 December. This combination of planets could bring about some serious, penetrating, soulful conversations that really get to the heart of the matter and bring out the stark truth. It could be quite exposing and revealing, bringing hidden information and secrets out into the light of our conscious awareness. Pluto and Mercury will conjoin one last time on 11 February and anyone with personal planets or angles around 27° of a sign will be feeling it most acutely, especially the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

While Venus has been retrograde in serious, controlled and responsible Capricorn for the past 40 days, prompting us to look at our relationships and finances in a realistic rather than idealistic light, it will be direct by the time the New Moon arrives. We also have Uranus forming a supportive trine to the planet of love and beauty, which is very helpful because it can breath fresh air into our relationships and help us to find a greater sense of freedom and authenticity within our relationships. We are all unique human beings, and as such we have different needs and one relationship simply doesn’t fit all. We are invited to find our “fit”, which could involve a bit of a stark reality check as we see things as they really are instead of how we might wish they could be. It is quite possible that we have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and this is our chance to recognise this and figure out which peg might be a better fit.

Uranus was also trine Venus during the Cancer Full Moon on 16 January, so this is a continuation of a process that began then. The difference is that both Uranus and Venus are direct now, so we should be able to see some movement forward. Capricorn is the part of us that likes to take our time to mull things over, so we have had the chance for some deep introspection, thorough processing and reflection on what we truly want and need as we move forward into this new world. Capricorn likes to lay down foundations and is capable of great commitment, so it is possible that the inner work that has been done in recent times could be laying the groundwork for some something that can really stand the test of time, However, with Chiron the Wounded healer challenging Venus there is also the potential for us being deeply triggered within our relationships, although some radical honesty could be amazingly healing, despite hurting a little!

Anyone with personal planets or angles around 10° of a sign will be feeling the liberating, awakening and progressive energy of Uranus most acutely, especially in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Chiron and Venus are both in Cardinal signs, however, around 11° and 12°. This certainly does feel like a profound time for our relationships, both to ourselves and others. It has the potential to bring a greater sense of space and freedom and the capacity to be totally honest with ourselves, contemplating what we really, truly want so that we can be utterly authentic and true to who we really are.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon, at 13° Aquarius, is interesting indeed: “A barometer”, which Dane Rudyar describes as “The ability to discover basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action. The barometer registers air pressure, and a change of pressure today gives some indication of what the weather will be tomorrow. Planning for the near future is a possibility because the potential (or seed) of the future is already operating at the core of the present. The key word here is ANTICIPATION.” This symbol gives a sense of us sniffing things out as we watch and wait, feeling out the “atmosphere before taking action. There is a sense of anticipation, as we prepare ourselves for some kind of a shift, but for now we are just feeling things out, testing the water and not rushing into anything until all becomes a bit clearer. A seed is being sown during this Moon that will bear fruit soon, but for now we must wait and watch.

It all feels quite exciting though! The strong influence of Uranus, the planet that can wake us up and bring about liberation and radical change, brings the potential for quite an energetic shift as we also move out of the Earth Ox year into the Water Tiger year. The Water Tiger is incredibly dynamic and strong, and can be confrontational, but it can really get things moving, which will be welcome after a yin Earth year! It could give us an enormous amount of energy for getting things done, breathing energy into projects and movements. As a dear Chinese practitioner friend said, Yang Water is the strongest of all the elements, rather like a tsunami. Let’s see what this year brings!

Much Love




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