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Angel Messages, as received by Bobby

Get out of your own way! By letting go of what no longer serves you, you make space for new, magical experiences. It will feel like flipping a light on in a dark room once you embrace this truth. Accept that by controlling the situation and forcing solutions, you actually hinder your progress. The seeds have already been planted for the best possible outcome. When we let go of our need to control and work with our Angels, we get out of the way and will manifest what is meant to be, not what we 'think' is highest. The EGO programmed mind will not steer us in the best direction - in fact it will do exactly the opposite. Letting go of having to have the perfect plan or conditions sends the message of ultimate Divine Trust to God and to your Angels, clearing the way for them to work their magic. The Angels are rehearting us to follow one magical moment to the next - follow the synchronicities - and their guidance will remain crystal-clear.


Book a session with Bobby for personalized guidance from your Angels, Guides and Ancestors! Messages given based on your level on consciousness.

Intuitive Galactic Insights Tarot | 5D Full Disclosure

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