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An Open Letter to All Illusionary Authority


By: Archeia Aurora

This is an open letter to all governments, agencies, elites, corporations, WHO, the Worldwide Economic Forum, & any man made institute of “authority”. We the people of Planet Earth, are calling for the dissolvement of all structures of authority which are outside of Universal Law and not based in love.

As a species, we were born free. This planet is a gift from Source, from Mother Earth to her children to experience physicality, to create, to live, to love & to enjoy life in a human vessel. All manmade rules, laws, & red tape which constricts the human’s right to love, laugh, live and enjoy freely is treason. As a collective, we take full accountability for allowing ourselves to be hoodwinked, to be manipulated. We allowed fear consciousness to strip us of our divine birthright, our power, our compassion, our hearts, & our innate capacity for unconditional love. We allowed these lower forces to convince us to hate one another, to judge one another, and to separate ourselves. We allowed it, but we no longer are allowing it.

WE, HUMANITY, REVOKE ANY AND ALL PREVIOUS CONTRACTS WITH THE DARK ALLOWING FEAR, SEPARATION, DISEMPOWERMENT, ENSLAVEMENT, & EGO PSYCHOSIS. We thank you for showing us where we needed to love more, to forgive more, to stand up for ourselves, to break through our own illusions. These contracts are no longer needed, and we, Humanity, agree to sign new contracts with the Divine only. We agree to transition our planet to Divine Will & to love everywhere present. We honor all living things and we honor ourselves. We honor our brothers and sisters & we choose to put down our swords and open our hearts.

To all illusionary “authorities” on this planet-you hold no power in the eyes of Source and in the eyes of Humanity any longer. Your illusionary power is now revoked. Where did we forget about love? Where did we forget about CARE for humans and their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being?

My god we have come so far away from the light. We have abandoned what makes us REAL. Our capacity to love another, to hold compassion, to provide support, to hold space, to place boundaries, to speak our truth, to have courage & bravery. My god where did we go wrong?

The story of humanity will live on for all of eternity. It will be known as the greatest quantum leap of evolution in all of Creation. We have experienced all parts of the spectrum, and we no longer need the lower spectrum in order to see the light. We choose love.

All illusionary authority must stand down now. All takers & those that seek to harm, quiet, and put love in the corner-step down now. Love has arrived. Love is more powerful than any force on this planet & love will reign supreme.

Source has spoken. Planet Earth is now returned to the lovers & givers of Planet Earth.



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