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ALL works for the highest Good

All things work together for the good… Can you see it? What was meant to disempower us is empowering us instead. Because we remember who we are. They wanted to impose a “new order” on us? I'll let them in on a secret, they built New Earth Warriors instead They wanted us to obey? They made us strong. They wanted us to follow? We turned around and showed others the way. They wanted us to be how they wanted us. We finally started being ourselves. Bluntly. Unapologetically. They wanted us to listen to what the authorities say. We finally learned to turn away from this noise and listen to our hearts and souls instead. They wanted to isolate us, let us be the weirdos and outsiders. Instead, they united us with our true soul families. They didn't plan it, but they empowered us. They pushed us to become who we truly are. I am grateful for this. Thank you to all who helped us to step into our power.

We will not obey, we will not give in, we will not hold back, and we will never stop believing in ourselves and what feels right for us. No matter how many tell us otherwise.

A lie does not become the truth just because it’s repeated over and over or because many say so.

A lie can never hide the truth for long. It will always find its way out. Because it is simply not real. The fake comes to an end. The real life begins. That's why the lie fades and the truth endures.

Our sharp sword of truth breaks the chains of illusion, for ourselves and for all we touch with our energy.

Change was never achieved by following the crowd, but by standing out. Proud, strong, resilient and with the full armor of God.

They wanted us to no longer belong to the crowd. Maybe we never truly have but now they made it possible for us to be truly seen. It was like they wanted to put us on their pedestal to discredit and ridicule us but gave us an audience instead.

They wanted to keep us down in fear, but they made us rise in love instead.

Love is our strength, light is our strategy, truth is our weapon and faith is our shield.

Therefore victory is our prize.

We are everywhere. We are many. And they already know that we win. 💫

Much love beautiful souls 💖💫🙏🏻

Yvonne Kathrin

☆✩ ℒℴ𝓋ℯℒ𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓉ℱ𝒶𝒾𝓉𝒽 ✩☆

Art by Constantine Nickolaou

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