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All Are Being Challenged

Posted on 03/03/2022

We are in a state where we all are being challenged, in that we are ascending now extremely rapidly into the higher Dimensional state of the 5th to 7th, while the Old Earth and all upon us, keep yapping at our heels, desperately trying to hang onto us, or trying to distract us, or to keep us from ascending.

At this time, we as Lightworkers need discipline and more than this, keep focused on the Ascension Path, and keeping our own energy fields crystal clear, and not allowing anyone to attach to us, in whatever form or way.

When climbing a mountain, you do get to the stages when the going gets more tough. The only thing you can do then, is to keep going – one single step at a time, and not to lose sight of the end goal. Interestingly when we do this, keeping the focus in this present moment, and one the single steps we are taking, we suddenly find that we have arrived and it seemed as if we were carried somewhere along the line, because when we reached the near summit, we suddenly found that we could almost run up it with renewed inner strength and energy!

We now need to truly step into the Mighty I AM Presence, and in the I AM Presence, affirm the life we do wish to lead, to create, to live, as it is already happening!

The higher we step into our Lightbody, the more we step into co-creatorship with the Divine, and thus, we need to become that all manifests instantly: – every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we are taking or not taking!

Become aware of what you are thinking – you are self-prophesying!

Become aware of what is pouring out your mouth – you are speaking words of power over yourself and others.

Become aware of what actions you are taking or not taking – you are co-creating your own future in the here and now!

The greatest of all Divine Revealing came when the Divine Name was given to us: YHVH, I AM THAT, I AM!

Thus in affirming in the I AM, you are now aligning yourself with the Divine within you.

Yet be careful what you are affirming in the I AM, and thus write out what you wish to cocreate in your new Lightbody form, in the New Earth and indeed, for the greatest and highest good of all, never in self-service, but in highest loving service, and through the Power of Love.

I did that over the weekend and am doing it morning and evenings before going to bed, so that I am affirming the life I truly wish to live and not manifesting more of what do I wish to have in life, and especially not whatever has been and is in the Old Earth and the old 3D.

You are indeed creating your own future you, in here and now: either by staying stuck in the Old Earth and fear based energy and density, or to transcend it and transfigure and embrace your new Lightbody in the 5th to 7th dimensional state.

What are you choosing to create and where? Old Earth or New?

Remember the higher you go in the dimensional state, the less dense everything becomes and indeed the more you live life, and life more abundantly, with great love.

The New Age is the Age of Love, Harmony, Unity and Peace.

**By Judith Kusel


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