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Adama of Telos Inner Earth

What does the future hold between your children and ours?

Adama ~ ❤ When our two civilizations merge together as one, our children will also merge with your children. Your children and our children are basically not so different. The merging of our children with yours will be carefully planned. It will be a lot of fun and a great adventure for the children of both civilizations.

It has been said many times that this planet is rapidly moving forward with the necessary shifts that will allow Her to host exclusively an enlightened civilization. This means, my friends, that in a not-so-far-distant future the Dark Age on this planet will fade away. Our two civilizations will unite as one, including the children, for the glorious ascension we have been awaiting for so long.

Let’s all embrace and welcome the dawning new world. As the Phoenix rises out of the ashes, a brand new world of divine love and perfection will rise up with the crumbling of all your old limiting belief systems. You will let go of outmoded governmental systems of control and manipulation that you have been programmed with for eons of time.

Compare the Earth to the Phoenix. She will rise and take you along with Her. But first, you must let go of all that no longer serves you. You must be willing to let go of the old “outmoded” ways of life that have kept you in limitation and pain for so long. The ashes represent the purification that the Earth and all humanity will first go through. Your future is bright, my friends. Keep your hopes alive for yourselves and your children. A most wondrous world is awaiting them and this is why they are here. They will show you the way; in their souls they already know how!

( From Telos book 1 by Aurelia) ❤

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