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Ascension Report: 8:8 Lion's Gate Royal Marriage Codes

Dearest brothers and sisters.

Greetings of the Most High. We come forward now in this moment of your time, to share with you some essential and sacred information regarding the upcoming 8:8 Lions Gate portal.

Many of you are experiencing the intense energetic waves that are bombarding Earth's atmosphere currently, and which are truly unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before. These photonic light particles are being dispensed from our central sun Alcyone and they are coming through the star system of Sirius and picking up galactic DNA upgrade codes from the Sirius star system. These are laser beams of light particles / Gamma rays which are currently bombarding the earthly plane at a truly unprecedented level.

For many of you this Intense influx of light particles is manifesting in your vessels as somewhat unusual and challenging physical symptoms. The reason for this is that all of the places in your physical, emotional, and energetic systems where you have held onto beliefs of lack or indeed any of the 3D programming, must be identified, addressed and ultimately eradicated, as none of these limited beliefs can be brought with you into Fifth Dimensional consciousness.

It is important that you stay on top of your hydration beloveds, coconut water and electrolytes are probably the most powerful antidote for Ascension symptoms as the gamma-ray photonic light particles are heating up our DNA spirals much like how a microwave heats up corn kernels to make them pop.

This is causing an extreme experience of dehydration for many, and so we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to stay on top of your hydration levels. This number one tip will enable you to move skillfully and masterfully through this 8:8 Lions Gate upgrade.

The Energies are Proving to be very challenging for Many at the moment as we are witnessing the last act of the Deep state vs God (GOD WINS).

As we have stated over and over in these written transmissions the light has already won and what we are witnessing is the catch up if you will of the lower dimensional Realms. In fifth dimensional consciousness the light has already won and earth has already ascended, and the timeline whereby we will collectively experience this is dependent on the amount of humanities children who awaken out of the false third dimensional Matrix.

So much of what you are witnessing being played out in the collective is a whitehat controlled operation to expose the evil plans of the deep state... for many of humanities children this can appear to be somewhat destabilizing when it is viewed from a lower dimensional perspective, this is why we actively encourage you to perceive the current situation from your heart - your heart knows that God wins, your heart knows that these are the end times, your heart knows that we are galloping rapidly towards the Golden Age, your heart knows the light has won, your heart knows Darkness is merely the absence of light and in and of itself does not exist and is unmeasurable……….

In this Gateway, there are huge activations taking place with the 144000 twin Souls starseeds with regards to the coming online of all dormant feline DNA.

This feline DNA extends back to the time of The big bang - the time when the 144000 twin Souls starseeds split forth as one monadic soul group. At the very beginning of creation, as God - beings our souls evolved to an extremely high level and we took our place as part of the founder race of Lyra which are also referred to as the Guardians of this particular galactic system.

As Lyran beings we spent eons of time in these feline forms serving many fledgeling planets, and assisting in unfathomable ways with maintaining profound levels of harmony and creation within the Galaxy.