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12:12 Gateway- Energy update

12:12 GATEWAY - MULTIDIMENSIONAL EMBODIMENT & DIVINE UNION ENERGIES ARE COLLAPSING ALL ARTIFICIAL REALITIES! Depending on where we're at on our journey, we may be experiencing some deeper releases or / and simultaneously a deep inner Union unfolding, a deepening of peace and balance, joy and happiness, love and compassion, a deep unconditional love for all of life everywhere. There's a lot to balance on behalf of ALL right now and to be held by the Forerunners, Grid and Gatekeepers, the Starseeds and Pioneers. We are here to balance and integrate the Polarities, the positive, negative and neutral, all as ONE. WE ARE HERE TO HOLD & ANCHOR THE ZERO POINT FIELD & BIRTH FORTH ALL NEW REALMS! This is WHAT WE CAME FOR! We now start to feel FULLY grounded / ANCHORed INTO OUR PHYSICAL BODY, as we feel into and anchor all the higher Multidimensional Realities that now become manifest, alive and REAL all around us, FROM WITHIN & THROUGH US! As we make the invisible visible! Really feel into the colours, the smells, the atmosphere, the sounds and textures, along with all of your other extra sensory abilities and gifts. BEing FULLY PRESENT WITH ALL that arises, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE around you! Embracing the Organic, living Earth experience as much as possible, above the artificial one. We now fully anchor, merge and blend with the 7 Higher Heavens and God Source Consciousness within and through us. This 12:12 portal and Divine Union Gateway, seems to be an important trigger point for the Divine Masculine within us all, to step fully into his power and as a protector of the Divine Feminine. To break free from the last chains, bindings and false patriarchal, mind control, misogynistic programming and templates. We may be going through some deep releases at all levels as our Kundalini and Kunda-ray energies rise and clear any remaining blocks and density from our central channel. The forerunners are now HOLDing THE ZERO POINT FIELD and are fully re-birthing as their LUMINOUS KRYST-ALL SELF as this BIG INNER SHIFT, QUANTUM LEAP IN CONSCIOUSNESS, DIVINE INNER UNION & FULL EMBODIMENT are completing now! As we now fully merge and unify with our Soul, Oversoul, Avatar Kryst-all Self, our Guardian Ascended Master Self, our Anti-matter and Dark Matter forms, and our God Source Self!! UNIFYING ALL AS ONE FROM WITHIN US NOW!! A DIVINE RE-UNION! As The Sisterhood of the Rose and Grandmother Turtle Codes now fully return and Re-birth through and of the Priestesses of Lemuria and many distant Galaxies and worlds. Re-birthing the Zero Point, re-birthing the perfect Proton Seed of the Divine Mother, as we re-claim all of our God Source codes and keys, re-birthing our Realities, as the Dreamweavers and Dreamwalkers of the Creatrix field. As we now re-member fully who we are, and in our re-birthed Solar presence, have broken free from our lunar chains, so ALL NEW WORLDS can BIRTH FORTH NOW!! As the secrets from times past, present and future shall now be revealed, and all separation come to its end, through the FULL OPENING OF OUR/ their SACRED KRYSTAL DIAMOND HEARTS! The Divine Mother Energies and Mother Arc, Blue and Aqua Ray help usher in the codes, keys and energies to heal ALL of her Creations back to 'perfection'! As Queen Aurora has returned! The Crystalline Temples and Pyramids rise once again! As WE NOW AWAKEN FROM THE DREAM! Breaking out of this controlled hallucination! Can you feel the Miracles starting to unfold? Can you feel the deepening calmness and inner peace as all remaining fears, worries, doubts, inner and outer conflicts are resolving and dissolving?! Can you feel how more and more balance, contentment, joy, peace and happiness are returning, OUR TRUE NATURE, as the false, outer worlds continue to dissolve?! We remember the nature of this holograms illusory state. We drop deeper within to find everlasting Truth that shines through the mud of confusion like a million diamonds. Can you feel the Frequency of the planet now rising rapidly, and the artificial, false Realities simultaneously dissolve?! Can you feel any remaining sense of separation dissolving within us, and along with it any lingering sense of competition, rivalry and jealousy, as we Unify with ALL that is, within?! Can you feel how all the remaining interference is lifting now, as more higher dimensional Frequencies and Plasma Waves are being received. With our Multidimensional DNA unlocking and Double Diamond Solar Plasma Aurora Lightbody's fully activating and coming powerfully online NOW?! Can you see how people are now rapidly waking up from the black magic spells and mind control programming?! Can you feel how Pure Divine Source Love is healing ALL NOW as it dissolves the false Matrix hologram and artificial Realities?!! Can you feel more and more clarity and remembering returning, along with our gifts, abilities