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12:12 Gateway- Energy update

12:12 GATEWAY - MULTIDIMENSIONAL EMBODIMENT & DIVINE UNION ENERGIES ARE COLLAPSING ALL ARTIFICIAL REALITIES! Depending on where we're at on our journey, we may be experiencing some deeper releases or / and simultaneously a deep inner Union unfolding, a deepening of peace and balance, joy and happiness, love and compassion, a deep unconditional love for all of life everywhere. There's a lot to balance on behalf of ALL right now and to be held by the Forerunners, Grid and Gatekeepers, the Starseeds and Pioneers. We are here to balance and integrate the Polarities, the positive, negative and neutral, all as ONE. WE ARE HERE TO HOLD & ANCHOR THE ZERO POINT FIELD & BIRTH FORTH ALL NEW REALMS! This is WHAT WE CAME FOR! We now start to feel FULLY grounded / ANCHORed INTO OUR PHYSICAL BODY, as we feel into and anchor all the higher Multidimensional Realities that now become manifest, alive and REAL all around us, FROM WITHIN & THROUGH US! As we make the invisible visible! Really feel into the colours, the smells, the atmosphere, the sounds and textures, along with all of your other extra sensory abilities and gifts. BEing FULLY PRESENT WITH ALL that arises, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE around you! Embracing the Organic, living Earth experience as much as possible, above the artificial one. We now fully anchor, merge and blend with the 7 Higher Heavens and God Source Consciousness within and through us. This 12:12 portal and Divine Union Gateway, seems to be an important trigger point for the Divine Masculine within us all, to step fully into his power and as a protector of the Divine Feminine. To break free from the last chains, bindings and false patriarchal, mind control, misogynistic programming and templates. We may be going through some deep releases at all levels as our Kundalini and Kunda-ray energies rise and clear any remaining blocks and density from our central channel. The forerunners are now HOLDing THE ZERO POINT FIELD and are fully re-birthing as their LUMINOUS KRYST-ALL SELF as this BIG INNER SHIFT, QUANTUM LEAP IN CONSCIOUSNESS, DIVINE INNER UNION & FULL EMBODIMENT are completing now! As we now fully merge and unify with our Soul, Oversoul, Avatar Kryst-all Self, our Guardian Ascended Master Self, our Anti-matter and Dark Matter forms, and our God Source Self!! UNIFYING ALL AS ONE FROM WITHIN US NOW!! A DIVINE RE-UNION! As The Sisterhood of the Rose and Grandmother Turtle Codes now fully return and Re-birth through and of the Priestesses of Lemuria and many distant Galaxies and worlds. Re-birthing the Zero Point, re-birthing the perfect Proton Seed of the Divine Mother, as we re-claim all of our God Source codes and keys, re-birthing our Realities, as the Dreamweavers and Dreamwalkers of the Creatrix field. As we now re-member fully who we are, and in our re-birthed Solar presence, have broken free from our lunar chains, so ALL NEW WORLDS can BIRTH FORTH NOW!! As the secrets from times past, present and future shall now be revealed, and all separation come to its end, through the FULL OPENING OF OUR/ their SACRED KRYSTAL DIAMOND HEARTS! The Divine Mother Energies and Mother Arc, Blue and Aqua Ray help usher in the codes, keys and energies to heal ALL of her Creations back to 'perfection'! As Queen Aurora has returned! The Crystalline Temples and Pyramids rise once again! As WE NOW AWAKEN FROM THE DREAM! Breaking out of this controlled hallucination! Can you feel the Miracles starting to unfold? Can you feel the deepening calmness and inner peace as all remaining fears, worries, doubts, inner and outer conflicts are resolving and dissolving?! Can you feel how more and more balance, contentment, joy, peace and happiness are returning, OUR TRUE NATURE, as the false, outer worlds continue to dissolve?! We remember the nature of this holograms illusory state. We drop deeper within to find everlasting Truth that shines through the mud of confusion like a million diamonds. Can you feel the Frequency of the planet now rising rapidly, and the artificial, false Realities simultaneously dissolve?! Can you feel any remaining sense of separation dissolving within us, and along with it any lingering sense of competition, rivalry and jealousy, as we Unify with ALL that is, within?! Can you feel how all the remaining interference is lifting now, as more higher dimensional Frequencies and Plasma Waves are being received. With our Multidimensional DNA unlocking and Double Diamond Solar Plasma Aurora Lightbody's fully activating and coming powerfully online NOW?! Can you see how people are now rapidly waking up from the black magic spells and mind control programming?! Can you feel how Pure Divine Source Love is healing ALL NOW as it dissolves the false Matrix hologram and artificial Realities?!! Can you feel more and more clarity and remembering returning, along with our gifts, abilities and power?! Can you feel how all is UNIFYing AS ONE again, within each one of us, bringing Divine Union to ALL?! A NEW EARTH BASED IN UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS & THE LAW OF ONE! The Golden, One True Organic Ascension Timeline Reality, based in Truth, Freedom, Sovereignty, Peace, Love, Equality, Balance, Abundance, Harmony, Joy & Health! As we remember and unify with our Soul and True God Source Self again, all fear dissolves, as we re-member and re-claim our Eternal Nature. For the past many days I am seeing the most beautiful display and expansion of iridescent Crystalline White Rose Network Activations across the Planetary Grids. They serve as Zero Point portals and help bring and anchor pure God Source Consciousness and Divine Union Energies onto the planet. These are replacing and dissolving the artificial machinery/ links and technology of THE OLD GRID SYSTEM as this IS NOW FULLY BEING DEACTIVATED AND COLLAPSING!! IT IS DONE!! We have already disconnected from the old Matrix overlay back at the beginning of October as I shared in an update back then. Please see the post for more information: Some may perceive this as a disconnection to a dark cloud/ matrix/ overlay/ hologram. This is also synonyms with us releasing any remaining karmic imprints. This is the end of karmic cycles all together! THIS IS THE END OF THE OLD FALSE ARTIFICIAL MATRIX HOLOGRAM! Which we now fully dissolve from within as we release all the stories that connect us to this. This past week in particular has been a massive Purification of the old Grid System and Activation of the New Earth/ Unity/ Trinity-wave Grid that runs on Zero Point Field energy! This is also affecting the 3D chakra system as this upgrades and the old collapses also within. This is circulating higher dimensional energies throughout the Grids within and without and enables humanity now to access higher spiritual Consciousness energy. This together with the Uluru StarGate, Crystal Heart, Crystal Core and Grid Activations from the Solar Eclipse have brought in and anchored the most powerful Clearings, Massive Reclamation & Activation of our inner and outer Grid System!! WE HAVE RECLAIMED THE GRIDS!! Some clean ups continue to unfold as the Krystal Rivers now flow freely through the ancient and new, Portals, Gateways, StarGates and leylines. What I see for the 12-12 Gateway coming powerfully online is our Guardian, Ascended Master Self, our pre-matter Self, fully merging and bringing online our Multidimensional Self. FULL EMBODIMENT is anchoring powerfully for many now and as our Lightbody's and DNA can now powerfully activate. This past week especially has been a MASSIVE COLLAPSE OF ARTIFICIAL TIMELINES & REALITIES! The Revelations will unfold very rapidly now from within and without, and are all-ready well underway! AS ALL THE LIES UNRAVEL! A MASSIVE PARADIGM SHIFT OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is ushering in ALL NEW REALITIES! An important theme that has come up as all that is not in alignment now becomes very visible and uncomfortable, if not painful, is where we may still be giving our power away to others. Especially in regards to relationship and money/ security/ safety (templates). Where are we not fully standing in our power because we are afraid of negative consequences, being rejected, ostracized, laughed at or rejected? As we break through any remaining fears (false evidence appearing real), standing in our full Authenticity, this then also affects the Collective! AS WE RISE - ALL RISE!! This Gateway is very important for the Divine Masculine Embodiments, it is for him to remember his mission. As it is these Divine Unions and Twinflames, within and without, that carry and now fully re-claim their sacred keys and codes for the New Golden, One True Organic Ascension Timeline Reality, to come fully online! To me this is very much related to the Lemurian timelines and the original Edenic Pairs that carry the Paradisian/ Edenic/ Bliss Codes and Keys within their Blueprints. As we return back to the start, where the 'split' happened. As we now reconcile and reunite as ONE tribe again!! Also, what's coming in for the 12-12 and 12-21 Activations that I am facilitating (see link for more info in comments and on my private page) is the corrected spin rate and alignments for our Merkaba Lightbody's. For the Divine Masculine and male rod (horizontal) configurations, the corrected spin rate is 12:12 and 13:13 for the Divine Feminine staff (vertical axis) holder. This is also fully anchoring and activating now the correct time-space Coordinates for The One True Organic Ascension Timeline Reality! "The 12:12 Electrical Christ Male Pattern is the organic horizontal Male Christ electrical Rod architecture that allows a mathematical merge with the vertical Female Christ magnetic Staff to actually occur. To speak the word as Logos, (Christos-Sophia) as the Holy Son and Daughter, are united in eternal core currents of Love from the Eye of God and bond in hierogamic union of the inner Rod and inner Staff.... A Krystic male and a Krystic Female unite in a Hieros Gamos or Rod and Staff Union as the Christos-Sophia, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth. Hieros Gamos is the embodiment of the new Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine and Father Arc Emerald Green hues and their DNA Lens being introduced to this Universe. These frequency colors represent the Aurora Body Guardian consciousness of the United Krystic Forms embodied in the future sovereignty timeline of GSF (GOD, SOVEREIGN, FREE)." Source: A feeling of balanced but almighty strong power is emerging from within us and our new Solar Plexus/ Ra Centre! There has been and will be further increases in natural DMT, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine release, which is also something you can command your body to produce! Speak to it!! Feel every cell and atom in your body and be ONE with it! Remember to keep speaking your Truth as much and as in a balanced a way as possible. See where you are still not speaking it fully, where are you still playing small and are not in integrity, especially when it comes to relationships and money, as these are the themes for the lower chakras that are clearing now. Where are we still giving our power away, feeling disempowered and are not speaking our Truth? After the 12:12 I just see a MASSIVE EXPANSION leading up to the 21st, with revelations rapidly unfolding and TRUCK LOADS OF MIRACLES!! More and more Synchronicities and Mandela effects will occur as the symbols of this hologram now speak loudly so all can see clearly again! Keep remembering and seeing the interference for what it is and let the Zero Point Field dissolve the remaining distortions, inversions and illusions!! ITS NOT REAL! Or rather as real as you make it. Still, it's a fake holographic overlay, merely there because you believe it to be true and are expecting it to be there. It's all in y/our minds. So DROP ALL the STORIES of the past! We are ultimately ALL characters being played by Source. LET IT AAAAALLLLL GOOOOOO TO USHER IN ALL NEW!! Keep allowing, keep flowing & let The Truth be revealed through you! Keep merging with, CALLling BACK & RE-CLAIM ALL OF YOU!! Let this Divine Healing Dispensation from Source purify and heal you LET DIVINE LOVE FULL-FILL YOU & Your Sacred 💎Heart show you the way, it knows! 💙 See yourself and BE AS ONE WITH your LUMINOUS AVATAR KRYST-ALL, ASCENDED MASTER AND GOD SOURCE SELF!! AMPLIFY!! Let the Three Fold White Ascension Flame and Pure God Source Light PURIFY & REVEAL ALL!! 🔥🔥🔥 Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona 💙 Artikel in Deutsch: Also check out my latest COSMIC ENERGY UPDATE in video format, in the comments below or on my page, along with the links to the 12:12 and 12:21 Activations I am facilitating. Gratitude donations support the ongoing mission work of Planetary Ascension, helping raise the Collective Consciousness, and assist the publication of these transmissions, supporting you and others on their journey. They can be sent via PayPal to Or Please also like, share and/ or comment as the AI algorithms and shadow bannings have made it more challenging than usual to share these transmissions, events and messages. Thank you for your support in all-ways 🙏


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