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MARCH 13 2022


The upcoming spring Equinox opens and establishes the energies of Happiness!

The energies that are coming in are of liquid plasma crystalline rainbow in all colours and they come in different formations and schemes!

When I tune into these energies I feel unprecedented joy and great happiness.

I just cannot help but smile and express joy!


This is going to be something very new for humanity. These energies are of high and pure information that correspond to the true self, true history and true identity and those ready to receive them will do so blissfully!

But I am wondering how these pure essences will be received by the unaware or those stuck in the mental programs.

The level of purity, self knowing and humbleness that is required for one to process such powerful energies, is very high.

So there will be great pressure taking place in order for people to face the inner shadows, to deal with previous distorted choices, come face to face with unresolved karma and open to the inner and cosmic Truths with honesty and healing.

So I come to the next conclusion that collectively many will go into crisis in their personal lives and matters and due to pressure we might witness many going through craziness.

Energies or people will be removed out of the way forcefully in order for available and free space to be created for the new.

We might also witness turbulence and violence on a social level because these pure essences will be bringing revelations in all levels and will be pushing all toxins, heavy karma, lies and distortions to come to the surface, to be seen and be answered.

This portal will eventually be bringing people closer to self responsibility, remembrance and love.

Great sacred and true unions and co-operations will be forming coming straight from our true spiritual family.

All the above are already taking place as preparation.

For people to go through this changes harmoniously they need to address their inner knowing, to cultivate purity

and humbleness in the heart for the self and towards all and allow a new way of understanding their existence beyond the mind, the personality or what they might have known up until now.

🙏☀️🐚🌈 ❤️❤️


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