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Zoom Live + Recording

Heaven Harmonics Seminar

Anchoring + Embodying the Heaven Templates for Heaven on Earth

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Heaven Harmonics Seminar
Heaven Harmonics Seminar


2024年7月12日 16:00 GMT-5 – 2024年7月14日 17:30 GMT-5

Zoom Live + Recording



As we are within this 30 day severing window until July 21st, and we are in the midst of continuing to integrate our light bodies and new operating system, the Galactics are guiding that we can now anchor in the Heaven Harmonics codes, which are essentially the new systems and structures of the New Earth in which our light bodies and operating system will be connected to. We can visualize these as the divine blueprints which will be the foundation of the New Earth and will support the co-creation of the New Earth as we move through the transition out of the old.

Let us understand how these are all working together:

The Light Body is the Human Vehicle in which we will now be embodying on Earth. We are moving out of the old human vehicle which was very limited and subject to pain, suffering, illness, disease, aging and death. The Light Body allows for full Source connection to flow through us, instant healing, and limitless capabilities.

The New Operating System (the Quantum Operating System) is replacing the old EGO mind programming and is now a heart-based operating system. This fundamentally changes the way that we operate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually within our Light Bodies. This operating system is also the new way of Being and Doing on this Earth, replacing the old mind way of doing and being.

The Heaven Harmonics are like energetic or etheric grids, the foundational support for which New Earth will manifest onto. These blueprints carry the codes of function-how we all will function together as one Humanity, how our communities and family structures will function, and how our collectives and societies will function. These Harmonic Blueprints will replace all of the old codes of functioning in every facet of our world.

By anchoring in these Heaven Harmonics, we will now be prepared to pass through the 8-8 Lionsgate Portal, where Heaven on Earth will begin to physically manifest, thus speeding up the transition of the collapse of the old and the birthing of the new. 

This Seminar will be conducted in 3 part:

Part 1: Heaven Harmonics of Self (July 12th)

Part of this Seminar will be discussing how to anchor in the Heaven Harmonics within, which includes the balancing of the inner masculine and feminine energy, as well as harmonizing the inner and outer self. Each individual is a unique blueprint, and this will look different for each of us. We want to create balance within all things including:

-yin/yang balance and harmony

-BEing and Doing balance

-spiritual/physical balance and harmony

-forgiveness of any hatred for masculine/feminine energies

-Self love

Part 2: Heaven Harmonics of Relationships (July 13th)

Part 2 of this Seminar will be discussing how to anchor in the Heaven Harmonics within all of our relationships and dynamics in our lives. This includes partners, children, family, friends, co-workers, etc. We must change the way in which we view relationships, as well as to transform all lower forms of relationship dynamics that are not supported by the Heaven Harmonics. This will include:

-Transforming Control Dramas

-Acceptance of others and all contracts

-Transforming the lower masculine + feminine energies (dark fem and masculine energies)

-Forgiveness of our mothers and fathers

Part 3: Heaven Harmonizing of Environment (July 14th)

The final part of this Seminar will discuss how to transform our environments, communities, and interactions with others in the new Heaven Harmonics. In order to lay the proper blueprints for the new societies, we must begin in our own personal environments and communities. This will include:

-Cleansing + Right Action

-Blessing our spaces and environments

-Cleansing our lands + communities

-Equal Energy Exchange


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