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Zoom Live + Recording

Healing Astrology Seminar

A 2 Part Seminar on creating your custom self-healing protocols based on your unique, astrological blueprint

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Healing Astrology Seminar
Healing Astrology Seminar


2023年9月16日 11:00 GMT-4 – 2023年9月17日 11:00 GMT-4

Zoom Live + Recording



As we continue on our self-love and healing journeys, we understand that each being is a unique cosmic pattern, and that each of us holds a unique blueprint. Therefore, there are no set rules for each being, but rather we must understand our blueprint on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By understanding our unique blueprint, we can work with our natural essence for the highest amounts of self-healing, self-love, and embodiment.

This 2 Part Seminar will first focus on understanding the various aspects of healing associated with the Planets, Signs + Elements. We will cover how to utilize your chart for understanding your physical, emotional, mental + spiritual healing type.

 We will also cover various self-healing tools and techniques, as well as self-love care, to cater to each unique blueprint.

Part 2 of the Seminar will cover understanding the Feng shui of the houses of your chart, and how to create synergy and wellness by understanding the Feng Shui of your Astrological Wheel. By aligning our environments, energy and life to the Feng Shui of our Soul’s Blueprint, we create harmony, synergy and wellness in our daily lives.

Both Seminars will be 1-2 Hours Long, and will be recorded for those that cannot attend live!

Part 1: September 16th 

Part 2: September 17th

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