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Zoom Live + Recording

Etheric Surgery Seminar

The etheric surgeries provide an etheric body detox, allowing our energy bodies to have a cleanse, purification, + removal of dense material from our auric fields. These surgeries assist our vessels through the transition process + allow us a greater ability to anchor in our Higher Self essence into

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Etheric Surgery Seminar
Etheric Surgery Seminar


2023年7月03日 16:00 – 17:00 GMT-4

Zoom Live + Recording



Our Etheric Surgery sessions were designed by the Divine Mother + her Galactic Healing Team. These etheric surgeries are lead by your Higher Self along with the Galactics + Angels. This healing is all done on your Higher Self + etheric body first,  in order to heal the energetic body where all distortions + pain stem from. The energetic body must heal first before it manifests into the physical.  This can be best described as a full etheric body detox. Your body will be fully clear so the Higher Self can start integrating into the physical body. The goal of the surgeries is to provide a detox + cleansing of the energetic body, which allows for greater self-healing, integration of the Higher Self and 5D frequencies, + promote joy, peace + centeredness. All negative energetic implants/chips will also be dissolved by your Angel Healing team! Each participant will also receive a full cleansing + activation of the 13 Chakra System.

The Seminar will occur in 2 parts:

-An introductory seminar where we will go through the process of the Etheric Surgery as well as provide tools + techniques that can be utilized for the highest outcome

-A follow up seminar to share insights + share experiences of the surgery (approx 7 days after introductory seminar)

All seminars will be via Zoom Live but will also be recorded for those that cannot join live. If you cannot join live, this will not effect your Etheric Surgery, as the recordings will contain the proper codes + activations.


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