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Zoom Live + Recording

Angel Chip Activation Seminar

This Seminar is to help activate your God DNA and cosmic codes

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Angel Chip Activation Seminar
Angel Chip Activation Seminar


2023年7月23日 16:00 – 17:00 GMT-4

Zoom Live + Recording



The Divine Mother has identified Angel Chips or God DNA codes that lay dormant within our etheric bodies. These chips hold activations of our Higher Self essences, unique spiritual gifts, + codes from our cosmic lineages. This seminar will go through each of these Angel Chips + Activate them.

*Archangel Chips

*Master Chips

*Elohim Chips

*Advanced Elohim Chips

*Agarthan Chips

*Elemental Chips

*Guardian Chips

*Knights of Templar/Sisterhood of the Rose Chips

*Bird Tribe Chips

*Wingmaker Chips

*Figure 8 Rainbow Chips

*Star of David/Balanced Harmonics Chips

*GFOL Chips

*Pleiadian Chips

*Arcturian Chips

*Sovereignty Chips (new chip activation)

*Blue Star Chips (new chip activation)

*Lumerian Chips (new chip activation)

*Aquamarine Chips (new chip activation)

*Holy Grail Chips (new chip activation)

The goal of these seminars are to intend to activate our full Higher Self embodiment, along with activating and reclaiming our soul essence as well as our inherent gifts and skills! Each of us holds a unique blueprint as a spark of God, and through our intent and participation, we assist with not only activating these within ourselves but with all of Humanity.

This group seminar will occur in 2 parts:

-Introduction seminar + explanation of all Angel Chips as well as answering any questions or comments

-A follow up seminar to share insights regarding the Activations as well as further self-love tools + technique for Higher Self embodiment (approx 7 days after introductory seminar)

This seminar will occur via Zoom Live +  recordings will be sent to all participants who cannot attend live. If you cannot attend live, this will not effect your activations as each recording is designed to provide all of the proper codes.


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