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על פלזמה 13D


עתיד הריפוי הגיע

בבית הספר לימדו אותנו על 3 מצבים של חומר: מוצק, נוזל וגז. למען האמת, הם למעשה ארבעה מצבים של חומר: מוצק, נוזל, גז ו-GANS(גז במצב ננו) למען האמת, כל החומר נוצר מאנרגיה ותדר. פלזמה היא השדה המגנטי והכבידה שיוצר את כל החומר. שדות ההילה והשור המקיפים את כל היצורים, הצמחים ואפילו חפצים מעשה ידי אדם, משפיעים על ההרכב הפיזי של כל החומר.

הפלזמה מייצרת שדות אנרגיה הרמוניים מאוזנים ועל ידי ניצול גיאומטריה מקודשת ונפלאות המים (שהיא התודעה), אתה יכול ליצור שדות מגנטיים וכבידה שישפיעו לטובה על כל החומר איתו הוא מתקשר.

כל מוצר פלזמה ישפיע לטובה על כל האנרגיה שהוא יוצר איתה אינטראקציה. זה מגיב ביותר בכוח הכוונה שלך. זהו הגשר בין התחום האתרי לגשמיות ויוצר שדה מרכבה של אנרגיית מקור טהורה.


Plasma Magic Guide

How to Make Plasma Water

Introduction to Plasma + Gans


Plasma generator - what are they and how can they help me?


Many of us have been honoured to own or have contact with the amazing plasma generators made by Gabriel, and now by some of his mentees. There now must be nearly 200 of them worldwide. They are beautiful pieces of artwork in themselves but they also have the energetic flow creating their own plasma field - so how do they work? And if you haven’t come across them, why would you want to have one in your present life? Here’s a brief explanation.


The pyramids are a combination of a series of nano coated copper coils; which is a process of unstalising the outer edges of copper coils so they resonate energy rather than direct it, combined with four different GANs      ( gas as nano solid); which is distilled salt water that has been charged with various metal elements; zinc, copper, iron and gold. Combined with various crystals, usually attached to the internal aerial on top. All this is contained within a pyramid resin mould with beloved artistic impression to create a Torus plasma energetic field. This means the energy isn’t linear, but flows out and around in all directions, at various frequencies depending on the input.


There is also a nano coated aerial extending out of the base which help transmit more energies into the generator.   The base energetic field can amplified by the energies put into to it, whether from the loving thoughts and energy whilst making of the GANS, the artist beloved design, the crystal combination and environmental energies. In other words each one is personalized which is why you may be attracted to some more than others.


All these elements can vary slightly with each one, combine this with the interaction of an individual personal energetic field and intention, it all affects the frequency of the plasma flow and works just like magic!


Plasma coasters are another way of promoting energetics. They are usually focused on promoting the energetics of water or drinks. They use triskelion coils, of nano coated copper, with some crystals set in resin to form a drinks coaster. They can also be used under water filters, plants and GANS.


Smaller pendants, with nano coated triskelion coils and crystal in resin, can be used for necklaces, keyrings and pet collars.


All of these, generators, coasters and pendants can be used in setting energetic intension and ceremonies, particularly water ceremonies.

Vicki Aldridge UK

First plasma experiment

Intention: show me what I need to see or feel to heal the tendinitis on my wrist


I was ready, first of all. My whole heart was ready to see and feel what is causing the trapped energy in my left wrist, causing pain for the last several months. I've asked so many times for the angels to help me see, but it was deep and I was blocked.  In the moment leading up, I had already set the intention of finding clarity through conversations with Gab, who set up the tent for me in my room.


Immediately when I sat down in the chair, pyramid underneath, I felt my wrist tingling. I was distracted - felt resistance - so I put on headphones and heart chakra frequency music.  About 8 minutes in, the messages started coming. I heard "fear of receiving love from masculine" and felt the heartache I have experienced so very many times in this lifetime, and awareness of my last lifetime as well. I said thank you, tears rolled, and then the big one came - physical abuse from a feminine that I was in a relationship with for 5 years. The last time she hurt me, she had grabbed that wrist so hard it left bruises from where her fingers were. Although I have forgiven her and made peace with her - even hugged her - the energy of that trauma was trapped. Still work to do to fully release it, angels shared it was not an immediate fix but it will release now and my wrist will heal. I cried for a long moment after this release. Feel more tears to come. I release this energy as I have learned the lesson and no longer require it for transformation. And so it is.

Aunt Bobby USA

Image by Danny Lines


Image by Danny Lines

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