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Choose your pricing plan

  • 1on1 Mentor Program

    Every month
    For those who are ready for soul growth and expansion
    • Two 1 on 1 sessions per month
    • Personal guides customized for you monthly
    • Full assessment of your energetics ie astrology,human design
    • Step by step manifestation plans created monthly for you
    • Specific guidance on the goals you want to accomplish
    • Communication with your mentor
  • Group Mentorship

    Every month
    Monthly group guidance to help everyone achieve their goals
    • Two group meet ups per month
    • Guidance on monthly goals customized per group
    • A monthly overview of the upcoming monthly energetics
    • Monthly guidance on how to manifest your dreams/goals
    • For those who are looking for community and soul growth
  • Awakening 101 Course

    Every month
    A training course for beginners & those newly awakened
    • 10 Mini Online Courses
    • 5 Guides including tools, techniques & activities
    • Insights of the Awakening
    • The Story of Creation & Planet Earth
    • The EGO mind dissolvement
    • Healing Karmic Timelines
    • Connecting to Angels & Guides
    • Tools of Transformation
    • Balanced Harmonics
  • 13D Astrology Level1

    Every month
    A beginner's course to 13D Astrology
    • 14 Online Mini Courses
    • Explanation of traditional astrology & 13D Astrology
    • Mini Courses on each sign + house
    • Training Materials on the signs/houses
    • Training on interpreting natal chart basics
  • Initiation New Earth

    A master workshop for those ready to usher in New Earth
    Valid for 3 months
    • 9 Live Workshops + Recordings
    • Reference & Guide Materials
    • Mastering the Highest Levels of Awakening
    • 7 Seals of Consciousness
    • Utilizing Divine Gifts for the Highest Service
    • Co-Creating the New Earth through mastery of intention
    • Learning of the Art of the Feminine Paradigm
    • April 27th-May 18th, 2022