Welcome to Mother Earth's Crystal Schools & Light Center

The Crystal Schools were envisioned as the idea of Mother of All Creation to return children to their natural state. To shift from left brained learning back to right brained learning: creativity, inspiration, intuition, love, and unity. 

The Crystal Schools are for everyone: children, teachers & parents, as we are all children of the heart learning how to be our grandest selves. The Light Center is our adult sector of the Crystal Schools, which is dedicated to re-educating Humanity on their true origins & activating their God Self. 

Also, on our guides page you can purchase our monthly or yearly curriculums!

Image by Aaron Burden


Dedicated to the Evolution of Humanity


We are dedicated to the evolution of humanity into the higher frequencies of love & unity. Our greatest vision is for the children of New Earth to return to their natural state of joy & creativity. 


Based on Universal law and and Right Action, this community is open to all who wish to learn and evolve in a higher consciousness paradigm. We seek to provide a learning environment for all that allows for child-like wonder, play, creativity, art, music, unity, intuition, & inspiration. 

Our Light Center is dedicated to teaching and re-educating adults on their true God Self, their inner child, & activating their Divine DNA. 

Together we will all learn how to create a loving environment that allows for the true expansion of the unique soul. Communication, co-creation and collaboration are the basis of our educational platform. Unity created through cooperation, respect, and kindness.